The Experience

I'm fueled by the kind of photography that's real, carefree, and unconventional. I'm for you if you value the in-between moments, the "feels" over the technically correct, and you aren't afraid to break tradition. I want to be more than just your photographer. I want to create something together. I want to dig deeper. If that resonates with you then, let's do this!

Let me guess, you're not sure if this whole thing is for you because you've never had pictures taken before. Would you believe me if I told you that a huge chunk of my couples hadn't either? Remember when the prom pose and saying "cheese" was the "cool" thing? Well, those days are long gone. You deserve something more than that.

Goodbye "cookie-cutter" photos, hello photos with meaning

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Whatever incredible journey you are on, I want to document it and make all of your wants come true.


You're picking up what I'm putting down so you say "hey" here!

We get to know each over coffee, apps, or over the phone. 

The SLP experience


You think "she's definitely the one", so you book me. I do a happy dance. 

We plan your perfect day from outfits to locations, to your visions and dreams.

The SLP experience


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The SLP experience


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